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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Whether you want to admit it or not........

Weather you want to acknowledge it or not the anti hunter and anti gun organizations have the same ultimate goal... Destruction of Freedom. The premise is that by the anti gun factions getting there way, there is no justification for hunting. The same holds true for the anti hunting factions, if no hunting then there is no justification for firearms ownership.

Like it or not the "hunters" and "shooters" are locked in the same battle, what affects one will affect the other. So even if you care not to partake in a particular aspect of the shooting sports, you damn well better care to know the facts and how they will affect you down the road. Don't relish the thought of killing an animal? Don't, but on the same token know that any money you give to HSUS or PETA does directly affect you in the future. Don't care to own or shoot a so called EBR(Evil Black Rifle)? Don't, but you damn well better care that the NRA, GOA, Second Amendment foundation et al. are defending your right to own your precious 30-06 while at the same time defending my right to own an AR 15.

I would encourage all to really look into where the founders and executive officers of the American Hunters and Shooters Association come from before supporting them in any way. The marketing campaigns of the antis are effective and proactive, we need to be the same way, sooner than they are. If you are not engaging all who you come across on a daily basis, you lead the apathy that will destroy the sport.